Hey, call me Resi! I'm a web developer.

I'm a self-taught web developer based in Jakarta, Indonesia, helping to blur the line between high-performance engineering and good design. I'm also an extensive contributor to the open-source software community with a number of actively-maintained projects, and community contributions.

I helped create and moderate Frontend Indonesia, a Discord community of Indonesian frontend developers to hang out, and discuss hot new frontend technologies, like React, Vue, Svelte, and Angular.

Outside of work, I also write stuff about computers and everything else on my blog, and do livestreams of coding and video games on Twitch.

When I no longer do either of the things mentioned above, then something really bad must have happened to me.

Skillset (web development)


Bootstrap (3+), Sass, Tailwind.css


JavaScript (ES2015+), TypeScript, Node.js

Build tools

Grunt, Gulp, Webpack

JavaScript frameworks

Angular (2+), jQuery, React


WordPress, Orchard


C# (and .NET), Java, Elixir (learning), PHP

Server-side frameworks

Express, Laravel, Phoenix (learning)


Git, Linux (basic command-line operations), SQL

Skillset (other)

Design tools

GIMP, Figma

Video editing + livestreaming

OBS Studio, DaVinci Resolve

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