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A lot of Trackmania maps will be broken in a few months

And for once, it's not Nadeo's fault.

Dynamic broadcast overlays with Google Sheets and web technologies

How we built the broadcast package for the Asia/OCE Trackmania Championship.

How I accidentally built a popular tool for Trackmania streamers: the story of TMViz

From a side project created out of frustration, to a tool used by many.

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2020 reflections

What a year it has been. Let's rewind, shall we?

Introducing TMViz

Lightweight, web-based controller visualisation widget for TrackMania.

No, TypeScript is not a waste of time.

Another day, another heated "discussion" about how static typing in JavaScript is both the single greatest thing since sliced bread _and_ the worst thing to have happened to humanity as a whole.

The Social Media Fatigue

In the long run, social media will affect you mentally the more you invest your time into it.