resir014 streams stuff

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Hey! I'm resir014. (Some call me Resi, others call me Resir, I don't mind either way.) I'm a professional web developer by day, and Twitch affiliate streamer by night. I also occasionally write on my personal website about web development and other stuff.

I host two primary series at the moment:

  • Random Gaming Hour: An hour or two of chill gaming session, either with or without microphones. Often stream old games as well. Feel free to interact with each other in chat!
  • Twitch-Driven Development: A chill live coding session where I work on my projects live on stream. Mostly web-development (HTML/CSS/JS), but might try other stuff too.

When I no longer do either of those things, then something really bad must have happened to me.

Note: Currently I don't have a fixed schedule, but I'll try my best to stream every Tuesday night (9pm GMT +7) at the very least. If you want to keep updated on upcoming streams, go follow me on Twitter or join my Discord! I often post stream announcements there.