What is @resir014 watching right now?

Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony - Pictogram Performance

While I was watching the opening ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, this part of the ceremony caught my attention. It was a performance made as a tribute to the Olympic pictograms, and also a nod to the popular Japanese TV programme Masquerade. It was also a clever way to showcase all the sports featured on this year's Games!

[ID] Pamerin Project Kalian #4 (Feat. Resi Respati)

Once again, thank you so much to @sandhikagalih for inviting me to his livestream and reviewing some of the projects submitted on his Discord server!

[ID] Pujangga Teknologi Edisi Turun Gunung Ep. 3 - Tantangan Mencari Talenta Teknologi

I'm so glad to have the opportunity to be part of the "Pujangga Teknologi Edisi Turun Gunung" panel discussion event hosted by Deep Tech Club! This event discusses the many challenges of finding software engineering talents in Indonesia. We also shared some tips for new programmers on how to hone their skills, as well as the recruiters on how to appeal to future applicants!

Once again, special thanks to Deep Tech Club for the opportunity to be on the same stage with such amazing people I never even thought I'd be on the same stage with last year.

Announcing Tailwind CSS v2.0

Never have I seen such an over-the-top promotional material for a CSS framework, and I fucking loved every second of it.

Minecraft Building Sounds

Music composed with Minecraft blocks.

An Epic Problem (The Jimquisition)

"Piracy is a service problem" - Gabe Newell

The Epic Games Store is quite a mixed bag. It provides a fresh take on an online games store, with its key selling point being the extremely generous revenue split for developers (88%/12%, compared to Steam's 70%/30%). However, they've been using that key selling point to coerce upcoming indie developers to make their games exclusive on their platform, seemingly eating up the games distribution market for themselves.

The discusion surrounding this matter is... very polarising, to say the least.

Any competition is good competition, but in the end, the company with the better service wins. Unfortunately, with many of the key essential features still missing from its own store, it seemed like Epic Games are merely using their investor-backed money to strong-arm the market by swallowing up exclusive deals, rather than spending that money on improving their services.

In this Jimquisition episode, Jim Sterling digs through the whole Epic Games Store problem, and tries his best to get people into a sensible, calm, and rational discussion.

Paul McBeth shoots 18 under par AGAIN!

On this episode of "Sports I Never Knew Existed But Really Want to Try Out As Soon As I Found Out About It" - disc golf.

GoPro HERO7 X Johnny FPV - DRIFT

You'd be forgiven if you thought this was something from the Forza video games for the first time.

The Classic Tetris World Championships Explained

Amazing documentary about the world of competitive Tetris.

Video Games and Depression | Sidcourse

A beautifully-edited video looking at mental health, depression, and how games and gaming can or could help for those suffering. I feel like I can relate to Sid's story where even just playing a certain video games with a friend, or a group of friends, just helps you switch off for a moment from the outside world.

This is why Elite: Dangerous was game of the year for me last year. Throughout the first half of 2017, I had played hundreds of hours of Elite with a group of friends that are fairly good with the game. The way we just muck around in the vast galaxy of Milky Way, be it completing community goals, bounty hunting, or even just exploring, can at most times be a really therapeutic experience.

Unfortunately, my Windows laptop broke since last year so I could play with Elite at the moment, but when I finally got myself a new gaming PC and got the chance to play again, I'd definitely do it.

The Day That Minecraft Died

While this video is a bit uncomfortable to watch because pokes at the "blame Microsoft" thing quite a lot, I agree with the general sentiment.

One of the major reasons why Minecraft has been dying is, as this video mentioned, that "we all grew up". I used to play this game during my college days with a bunch of friends, and more and more of us started getting real-life jobs to the point where we just don't really have time for it. Outside of that, other games also feel more appealing.

Not to mention the fact that one might get overwhelmed at the barrage of new features from recent not-that-good updates, re-learning the game felt way too much of a hassle.

This comment sums up my views nicely:

While I may be biased because I still greatly enjoy this game the same way that I have for the past nearly 6 years now, I don't think that the game is dying simply because it's presence on YouTube etc is dying. I do however agree that the quality of updates has declined in recent years, but that's not due to Microsoft. It's important to remember that Mojang still have 100% of creative control over Minecraft and Microsoft is simply taking control of marketing and merchandise along with releasing versions of the game on various different platforms. They have nothing to do with Mojang kinda running out of great ideas.


Build Your Next Website with React, GatsbyJS, and Netlify

My very first public speaking appearance, a talk I did during the #36 JakartaJS meetup. Here I talk about GatsbyJS, which powers the very website you're on right now, as well as some really cool stuff that you can do with it.

This talk is brought to you by the letters "u", and "h".

[kuso Demo] Speedrun Mode | 1:15.512

My best Demo levels speedrun of the game kuso from 10 months ago is officially my first ever entry to! Check it out here.

Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work?

This was by far, the most comprehensive video that I've ever watched explaining how the blockchain works.