An Epic Problem (The Jimquisition)

"Piracy is a service problem" - Gabe Newell

The Epic Games Store is quite a mixed bag. It provides a fresh take on an online games store, with its key selling point being the extremely generous revenue split for developers (88%/12%, compared to Steam's 70%/30%). However, they've been using that key selling point to coerce upcoming indie developers to make their games exclusive on their platform, seemingly eating up the games distribution market for themselves.

The discusion surrounding this matter is... very polarising, to say the least.

Any competition is good competition, but in the end, the company with the better service wins. Unfortunately, with many of the key essential features still missing from its own store, it seemed like Epic Games are merely using their investor-backed money to strong-arm the market by swallowing up exclusive deals, rather than spending that money on improving their services.

In this Jimquisition episode, Jim Sterling digs through the whole Epic Games Store problem, and tries his best to get people into a sensible, calm, and rational discussion.